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About me


Lovely to see you would like to know a bit more about my background.

I grew up in a town close to Barcelona, where I discovered my passion for filmmaking and writing. Nowadays I'm exploring my audiovisual interests while I study Moving Image student in the AKI ArtEZ academy, in Enschede (the Netherlands).

My work reflects wonders about politics, culture, spiritual and melancholic aspects that I constantly find in my daily life. My goal is to lead the spectator to meet and doubt a feeling or a metaphysical world where one can find itself through the main characters of the short films.

In August 2020, I was asked to join the project Thunder Road Sessions, where artists from all kinds of music come to our studio in Enschede. Here, they can create their own performance. We also collaborate with Cafe Rocks Enschede, to capture the best live concerts.

Even if the audiovisual world is my actual main focus, writing is another of my most important ways to express my art. It's a wonderful challenge to find a way to combine both expressions together.

Feel welcome to discover, or just speculate, some of my personal experiences in my films. Welcome to my own world.

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